About Us

A cute little shop on Pine Road just outside Lewiston, Michigan. As our name implies, we offer a little bit of everything.

This includes locally made products, Filipino and Asian groceries and products and more.

A Sari Sari Shop is a variety store in the Philippines. These are generally small shops attached to a family's home and loaded with the most common products a person needs every day. This includes groceries, cleaning products, personal care, snacks, drinks and more. Our little shop is very much like that.

Consignment Shop

Bring in your locally made goods to sell in our shop. We have a very low service fee of 30%.

Asian Products

Shop our Asian groceries and products. Specializing in Filipino products at competitive prices.

Ebay Shop

Bring in your unwanted items for sale on ebay. We take care of everything for you. Low rates.

Sari Sari Shop Michigan Location